With over 20 years of experience in building and construction
as well as project management across multiple industries.

Alteco team brings forth the innovative methods to make Eco living and construction an affordable or even least expensive alternative to clients all around Ireland.
If you are looking to build your new dream home, extend existing property or compliment your garden space with an additional work or recreation area, we can help to make your dream a reality.

We have partnered up with eco-conscience companies from all across the European Union to bring you the best available building solutions at an unbeatable price.
We strive as much as practicable to use products and materials that come from renewable sources, have low ecological impact and CO2 imprint. Cross industry experience of our Team has also helped us to address many additional customer needs required when building your own house.
Everything from initial consultation to planning application and through to securing financing, Alteco team together with our partners can provide as one-stop-shop solution to make navigating the complexities of your project requirements as seamless and smooth as possible. 


We strive to provide our customers with an eco friendly alternative at a lower
cost than traditional construction methods. Promote and provide real solutions to
Irelands housing crisis and high property prices. To help young families and persons with
housing needs to build their homes in quick and affordable manner. To rejuvenate and
develop Irish Rural communities by providing housing and business opportunities. Play
our part at reducing CO2 and combating climate change.


Integrity, Responsibility and forward thinking. We believe that these values are
the way of insuring that Our Customers get the best solution and answers to their
problems and needs. Integrity is what any business should be build on as without
integrity any structure is meant to collapse. and the same is true for the worlds Social,
Socioeconomic and Environmental structures. Responsibility on personal and corporate
is what helps us to maintain the drive and focus to do better every time we do our best.
Forward thinking is vital in order not to be side blinded by current progress and preempt
any future problems or mistakes.


Our vision is to be at the forefront of eco, self sustained, modern city and rural
living providing real solutions through responsible and ethical business based on
cooperation, collaboration and partnerships. Real solutions for real people and
personalised service integrated in the communities of the future.

We work closely with manufacturers and suppliers to insure the top quality and reliability of all the building and assembly materials we use for our projects.

What ever your requirements from houses to garden rooms, we make absolutely sure you as our
customer will get only the best. See our partner and product page for more information.