Elastic Stone


Rough texture. Imitates Jerusalem Marble. Thickness fluctuates between 3-5 mm. Marked as “S”.

Absolute imitation of Jerusalem marble! Jerusalem marble today is one of the most sought-after finishing materials, with excellent resistance to frost and ultraviolet. Beige – golden shades of marble are indispensable for creating the most sophisticated solutions in architecture. But the cost especially in the surface treatment of the “rock” is quite high!
Finishing with natural stone entails serious costs both for the material itself and for a complex, long-term installation.


Velvety, lightly textured. Marked as “K“.

Silk Velvet - BRUSHED

Classic, antique feel. Marked as “В“.


Wood-grained texture. Marked as “D“.

The decoration of valuable woods for many centuries remains one of the most loved and sought-after themes of the interior and exterior.
It’s no secret that the price of a valuable tree and its processing is very high! The use of wood on the siding today is considered one of the most fashionable elements of decor, but the tree requires constant, thorough and expensive care during the operation. ELASTIC STONE in the “tree” effect is an excellent alternative! We offer colors and textures of various types of wood: maple, beech, acacia, oak, walnut, cherry, etc.

Using the ELASTIC STONE in the “tree” effect, you do not have to worry more about the effect of weather conditions on the quality and beauty of the finish! Rain, snow, scorching sun will not damage ELASTIC STONE! The beauty of the tree is the strength of the stone, without the high costs! For a long life of your architectural masterpiece!